General Dentistry
General dentists are the people capable of diagnosing the state of your teeth, gum and dental bones overall. The procedures cover the most common in the dental practice and may be performed by any certified D.D.S.


Fillings are used to restore teeth after cleaning and taking decay out.

Among the materials used, you may choose from gold, silver, porcelain and plastic.

The duration of the filling will depend on how well you take care of your teeth, as well as what you chose out of the materials above.

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Dental Cleaning

While all of us can clean our teeth at home, there are unreachable places and unseen plaque.

For that, and to keep them healthy, you may get a dental cleaning.

It’s an easy and quick procedure that makes sure you’re doing just fine.

It’s recommended to have two of these per year.

Exams and x–rays

Sometimes, we need data to better understand your health concerns.

At others, it’s the only way we can tell if something is or isn’t true.

We’re fully prepared for those cases: if you need examinations or any x–rays, there’s no need to go somewhere else: you can get them here, with the people you’re already familiar with and trust.

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The proper way to solve anything is to have a clear understanding of what’s going on.

Dental is no different. We need to learn what you’ve been going through, what your symptoms are, how you’ve been feeling and what has happened to you before (if anything).

With that, we’ll be able to get to the causes of what’s happening and get the solution you’re looking for.


Why suffer unnecessarily by pulling out a tooth at home?

Why keep trying with those DIY methods of biting hard apples or having to wait until atooth falls out on it’s own?

If for any reason you need (or want) to pull out a tooth, we can do that for you.

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